NEOFX is looking for new sales partners to help more European exporters and importers cut their FX costs

We are continuously looking for new sales partners to refer European exporters and importers to us. Our sales partners are typically individuals, who personally know owners, board members, CEOs, CFOs or financial administrators of European exporters or importers. We pay our sales partners industry leading sales commissions for referring companies to us. After getting referrals from our sales partners, we handle the rest including onboarding, training, support and relationship management. Therefore, it is simple for our sales partners to come up with significant new income with minimal effort.

NEOFX helps European companies cut foreign exchange costs by providing better FX rates than banks. Our customers cut hidden FX costs typically by tens or hundreds of thousands of euros annually. Our proven services are widely used by exporters and importers across Europe. Our customers’ legal counterparty for our EU regulated secure services is Currencycloud that was acquired by Visa. To become our customer, partner or employee visit www.neofx.eu and get in touch!

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