Kim Hansen joined NEOFX as partner to help European companies cut foreign exchange costs

We are excited that Kim Hansen joined NEOFX as partner. He is responsible for sales. Kim has over 30 years of FX
experience in Nordea and as entrepreneur. We are growing rapidly as European companies increasingly realise the ease
of improving their bottom lines by cutting hidden FX costs. Kim will take us to the next level by further increasing the
awareness of our FX cost cutting service offering among European exporters and importers.

NEOFX helps European companies cut foreign exchange costs by providing better FX rates than banks. Our customers
cut hidden FX costs typically by tens or hundreds of thousands of euros annually. Our proven services are widely used by
exporters and importers across Europe. Our customers’ legal counterparty for our EU regulated secure services is
Currencycloud that was acquired by Visa. To become our customer, partner or employee visit www.neofx.eu and get in touch!

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